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Black Friday and YOUR Small Business

Black Friday and YOUR Small Business


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and you are stuck wondering, what in the world you are going to do to generate sales?  Of course, the holiday season is the biggest shopping season all year, ringing in multi-billion dollars in sales easily! So how do you get a piece of that pie? 

If you're anything like me and my small business, you launched your business between the 3rd or the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2019! So, that means no past data to pull from! Let me back up just a little...

Cyber Monday 

The experts say you need to start preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday a year in advance.  By preparing they mean, pulling from the previous year's data.  This is the logical way to do things, not to mention this is useful if you are Ulta, Sephora, Macy's...Well, you get the picture.   But for us small beauty startup companies, we need a little different advice. 

What Ulta, Sephora, and Macy's have over us is, BRAND LOYALTY! They got that down packed! Not to mention millions of dollars in their marketing budget. So, if you, as a small business, even had last year's data, that wouldn't be enough! So, what to do? 

As It Should Be

I must admit, there is something wonderful about being a small business nowadays because people are looking for products and brands that feel a little more authentic! Don't get me wrong, I love me some Ulta and Sephora, however, I am not them and do not operate on their level, yet. So I decided to share with you the things I am doing for my first Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

1. Bulk up the Email list: Instead of asking for the sale, ask for the privilege of having the customer to get to know you and exchange, give Black Friday Exclusives! Whoever signs up for my list will be able to get access to not only pre-sales discounts like "AllNoir Weekend" but they will get coupons for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Adding to your email list allows you to give exclusive sales throughout this holiday season and many to come! 

2. Get with other Small Businesses: Power in numbers! You are not the only one in your industry...thank GOD! So, get out there and get to networking! I am working with a group of Black-Owned Small Businesses myself for "AllNoir Weekend"! And I will be looking to continue my networking/Collabs with other small skincare business throughout this holiday season! Developing good strong relationships with your fellow small business owners is key! You never know, a good referral from you could be worth hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to your business in the long run! 

3. Market but NOT TOO MUCH:  Do NOT spend too much money on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter ads this holiday season! Why? Well, the bigger companies got you beat by the millions of dollars they already spent! Instead, market a little.  Find out which platform gives you the most for your buck! Not all platforms are created equal, always remember that! I personally, ran two ads on Facebook: Shop Now and More Info.  Shop Now is not doing so well compared to More info...so glad I only spent $20.00! Gather from data, and see what works this year and then spend a little more next year.  But NEVER COMPETE WITH BIG BRANDS IN MARKETING. 

4. Go to Local Holiday Vendor Events: Churches, small business events, farmer's markets, anything that will get you out there shaking hands and kissing babies (well maybe not kissing babies, it is cold and flu season!). Word of mouth will always be the top marketing strategy FOREVER! And the people get to meet the wonderful person behind the business and products, YOU! If you are not too sure what is in your area, I personally asked for recommendations on Facebook and BOOM, messages of "events and vendors needed" started to roll in! Others pointed me in the direction I desired. 

5. Make your Packages Festive: Make your packaging, website, posts, and so forth look festive! I'm personally working on changing my website pictures to be more holiday-friendly! And it doesn't cost too much money to get some bows and ribbons for your product packages.  Once you are able, invest in branding your packages and make special ones for the holiday season, but for now, be creative! 

The holidays are so supposed to cheery and bright, but for small business owners like ourselves, it can be stressful! I hope by sharing what I am doing this holiday season will help relieve some stress and anxiety for you and your small business this year! Cheers to an awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday everyone! 

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