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Building an Empire During a Pandemic?!

Building an Empire During a Pandemic?!


There is much to be said about the year 2020 and we are only in July! This year has been a series of ups and downs with a side of uncertainty.  However, change comes in the form of uncertainty and that is the biggest lesson that 2020 can give us all.  This year has shown us, thus far, that our "normal" was no longer compatible with the new decade's upgrades.  So, it is time to restart and learn what benefits our new updates have for us! 

Now, with all that said, it would be the absolute worse time to start a business, right? No way you can expand your existing business in a world of uncertainty and scarcity? Well, many wealthy companies today started through the Great Depression and thrived. How? They saw an opportunity to serve! They saw a need and filled that need! So...YES! NOW is the time to start that business or expand your existing business! 

Now listen, I am not saying you will become a Jeff Bezos by Christmas, shoot, I am not even on that level! (Yet!!) However, now is as good as time as any to take a risk and achieve that business goal.  To be completely transparent with you, I am nowhere near where I want to be (I mean, are we ever?), I have so much to learn and want to learn as this pandemic progresses. But..what I did learn I would like to share. These are gold nuggets that I've picked up while launching and expanding my two businesses during this pandemic: As It Should Be, Eco-Friendly Skincare and Black Business NOW!


1. Get Yourself a DAMN Business Coach!

Yes, you heard me! Find a good business coach! I have one, she is absolutely wonderful.  She helps me see "holes" that need to be filled when it comes to my marketing strategies, finding funding, ideas, and so forth.  A business coach will help you see things you didn't see.  No, seriously, she was the one who suggested I started Black Business NOW! West Virginia has Black Businesses throughout the state, however, they were not being recognized. "See a need and fill it!" Remember? Yeah, a business coach will help you with that! Mine is get your own! 

2. Get Yourself a Therapist

Okay, I am going to be upfront with you, these times are stressful! Now is the time to take care of your mental health.  What good is building an empire and you're not mentally sound to enjoy it?  So get a therapist! (No, your friends don't count.)They have wonderful apps that you can download such as BetterHelp  Full transparency, I have one! (I do need to check in with her soon!).  Therapists help you slow down and breathe. Being an Entrepreneur, you will need moments to focus on yourself and regroup.  Do not be afraid to reach out. You and your business will be better from it! 

3. Make Friends with other Entrepreneurs

Your entrepreneurial journey can be mighty lonely.  I am grateful for all of the entrepreneurs I met while building Black Business NOW! They not only helped build a wonderful website, but they also taught me so many things.  Making friends that will understand your struggles, frustrations, triumphs, and victories in this crazy world of business are important.  Making entrepreneur friends during this pandemic is the difference between failing or succeeding. (Depending what type of business you go into that is.)

4. Give Back

During Covid19 I've noticed a lot of businesses giving back! Honestly, helping each other out.  I, for one, have raised funds to give hand sanitizers to our local daycare and currently putting together teacher grab bags! In fact, I created the Earth Goddess Body Collection to give back! (Expanded my business)  I wanted to create a product that helped uplift my customers while still being eco-friendly. I figured it's not just the entrepreneurs going through stress...EVERYONE is! If my customers get even a moment of relief, then I have done my part. 

Serving others is something HUGE during this pandemic.(And a huge thing to do in general).  You get to see needs, holes, and changes that need to be made. Plus, you get to meet some really amazing people while feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  So find ways your business can give back to its local community.  There's always something you can do to make it a little bit easier for your fellow human being. 

What Else Can Be Done?

When everything is all said and done, you are in business to make money. Sure serving and giving back makes one feel good. Hey, I love packing each Goddess Box full of rose petals.  And who doesn't love a good teacher donation drive!? 

However, none of these wonderful things can happen unless you make money. So, now is the time to download that audiobook about marketing or purchase that book you've been eyeing about building a business.  Learning from people who have come before you will help you through this pandemic.  Of course, you will need to change a few strategies here and there, due to the current global situation. However, reading or listening to audiobooks will help your bottom line if you apply the proper strategies.  (Which can be reinforced by a business coach) 

Books I recommend:

1. The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allen Dib 

2. She Means Business by Carrie Green

3. You are a Bad Ass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

So while you are practicing social distancing, enjoying nature, taking a drive, I suggest downloading Audible and getting at least one of these books listed and listen to them over and over again. These books are just a start! I believe I have over 28 Titles in my library from various authors who have grown multi-million dollar businesses! 

My Personal Take-Aways

1. Be willing to let go of "normal" and "this is how we've always done things" you will fail. Now is the time for growth and innovation.  

2. Be ready for anything.  This goes with the "growth" statement above, but with an open mind.  Be ready to be ready! Prepare.  Most businesses don't prepare for the what-ifs and they are not able to pivot as easily during the dark times. You're building a business during a dark time, this, unfortunately, may not be the last one. 

3. Wisdom is power! Knowledge and information are everywhere, especially during this global pandemic.  However, if you want your business to grow you must obtain wisdom. "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, Wisdom is knowing that it doesn't belong in a fruit salad." My oldest son told me that, not sure where he heard it from, but it stuck with me! 

So be wise, prepare for change, be of service, and stay safe!