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Men and the Manly Facial

Men and the Manly Facial


When we think about self-care, we often link it to women.  A full day of spas, massages, facials, and brunch with the girls sounds like a dream come true, but what about the fellas? Men need some self-love too! Even though there are more and more men discovering the difference between facial scrub and foaming face wash, there is still a little bit of a stigma about men and facials.  

Men and Stress

For fear of this sounding like a college psych paper, let's just put this out there, men stress and have anxiety too! They may not express it the same way we do ladies, but they do.  This goes well beyond the sexist cliche of men fearing to ask for directions. They have a different set of social pressures placed upon them. Right from birth, they are being groomed to be a certain "standard", and God forbid you step out of that "standard"! So, they go through some serious stressors.  These stressors, like everything else, can start to wreak havoc on your skin especially the male skin due to their testosterone levels.  Whether they want to admit it or not, they too do not feel confident with a face full of untimely wrinkles, pimples, ingrown hairs, and so on.

Daily Skincare...Oh Man!

Over the past few years, men have come to appreciate the value of adopting a skincare routine.  Whether it is at night, or before work in the morning, men have decided to take a few minutes more in their appearance.  However, this goes deeper than just looking good, this is also about feeling good and confident. 

Daily skincare for men is so important because men grow facial hair.  This leaves men more susceptible to ingrown hair bumps, breakouts by their beard, scars (if they shave), and the list goes on. Taking care of your skin no matter if you are male or female is just plain and simple a good idea. 

To take care of your skin at home gentlemen, you will need: 

1. Facial wash (foaming is wonderful, especially if you have a beard!)

2. A Moisturizer (No! Do Not use lotion...for the love of all things Cruelty-Free stop using body lotions on your face!)

3. Eye Serum (Be gentle when you apply this! Tugging and pulling can create unwanting wrinkles)

4. Beard Oil (If you have a beard of course)

5. Face mask (This can be used once a week)  

Try to stay away from products that have harsh chemicals in them.  Purchasing products that do not have sulfates, silicone, talc, and parabens are a good place to start. 

The "Manly" Facial

Once you start to understand the benefits of buying the proper skincare products.  It is time to go to a professional! Yes, gentlemen, it is time to book your first facial! Now, I understand that you may get some looks from the ladies, however, you must remember, who you are doing this for. You!

Here are some things to talk to the Esthetician about when you arrive at your first appointment: 

1. Let them know that this is your first time.

2. If you have any, let them know your skin troubles. Like if you have acne, eczema, ingrown hairs, etc. Being upfront with them will help save time and money. 

3. Ask about your current skincare products.  For example, will you need a different moisturizer for your type of dry skin? or What type of masks should you use for dull skin? 

4. Relax. Enjoy!

This is your self-care time! Remember, you earned it! Let go of the anxiety, stress, and everyday routine, and just breathe.  

If you need a demo for an at-home skincare routine, we have included a vide of Chris Appleton's nighttime skincare routine.