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Plastics, Plastics, Everywhere!

Plastics, Plastics, Everywhere!


There is no secret that we are clearly covering our world in plastic.  From streams to the very depths of the oceans, plastics are becoming a bigger problem than we think.  So, how did this get so bad? 

Unfortunately, when we purchase a product that was bottled in plastic, we don't think about where the bottle will travel to after we dispose of it.  As consumers, we focus on the product and what problem the product can solve for us and quickly dispose of the packaging.  In between thought A, 'Cool product, I'll buy it' and thought B, 'Oh no! I gotta get more. *Toss container in the trash' we don't always think about recycling or how this can end up in our food chain. Yes, our food chain, disgusting, I know! 

Here at As It Should Be, we want to make sure we are not contributing to this problem.  In fact, we want to help every way we can to reverse this problem.  We want to make it easier for the consumer to think of recycling when it comes to thought B.  We understand, not everyone has access to recycling bins and that is why we want to start our send back program.  That is right, you send back your packaging in compostable mailers and we will recycle it for you! Of course, we will pay for the postage and you will get a cool discount code for your next purchase.  

To make this dream become a reality, we will need your help! Click the link below to access our Kickstarter campaign! Not only will you help us fund our Send Back program, but you will also get cool new products due to release in June of 2020 before the public.  Now, how cool is that? 



If you would like to know how the plastic problem is negatively impacting our wildlife please check out the video below. 

This clean up will be a team effort!