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The Top 5 Black Owned Skin Care and Beauty Lines in 2019

The Top 5 Black Owned Skin Care and Beauty Lines in 2019


As a woman of color and the owner of As It Should Be, I often look up to, in utter fascination mind you, my fellow women of color entrepreneurs, especially the ones that are in the beauty industry.  With an industry that doesn't always allow us to sit at the table, so to speak, these women have not only prepared themselves a place, they had the event catered! So without further ado, here are my top 5 Black-owned skincare and beauty lines of 2019. 

1. Beauty Bakerie: Beauty Bakerie 


This cosmetic line takes the cake! Literally! You can have your cake and your lipstick too! Cashmere Nicole, the founder and CEO of Beauty Bakerie not only made makeup fun and delicious she also made it inclusive! She and her team gave every woman of every flavor be her delectable self! Beauty Bakerie's products are wonderful quality and at a very reasonable price! 




Makeup For Melanin Girls makes the number two spot on my list.  Tomi Gbeleyi focuses on the needs of women of color, hence the name.  I am totally here for it! Being a Brown skin girl myself it is often difficult to find a "nude" that is actually a "nude" for me, MFMG hits the nail right on the head.  Even though MFMG has nudes that are made for deeper complexion gals, it is also worth mentioning their glitter palette.  This glitter palette is phenomenal! There is no need for glue or adhesive because it sticks all by itself! I can only imagine how many sparkling cut creases this will create New Years's Eve!

3. SkinButtr



Welcome the first skincare line on the list! I know it might seem odd that I am writing about other skincare lines on my blog? They are my competition, right? Nope! There is enough room for all of us! Besides, I have to pay credit where credit is due.  Tatiana Price has outdone herself with these buttry products! (pun intended). Her mission is simple but powerful, get glowing skin from head to toe without the harsh chemicals! Pretty straight forward to me and not to mention the quality of her products are awesome.

4. Temple Zen

Temple Zen Organics


Breathe in and slowly breathe out. I am totally all about the Zen and Jashiro Dean creates just that with his products! Self-care is often overlooked.  It not always about getting your nails done or going on a shopping spree ( both great ideas by the way), sometimes it's about finding a piece of mind right in your own home. Dean created this line of skincare products with mental and emotional wellness in mind.  His approach is unique and worth mentioning in the 2019 top 5 picks! 

5. Kaike



We began on a sweet kick, let us end on a sweet kick! Let us eat Kaike! Keli Smith's skincare brand is not only cute and imaginative it is also plant-based! Vegan skincare brand, yes queen I can totally relate! This natural skincare line will make your skin jump for joy! And her products are anything but boring so your skin will drink up every delightful recipe (product) that she has created. 

My Final Thoughts:

As It Should Be Skincare

I know I didn't mention myself in the top 5 Black-Owned skincare and beauty lines in 2019 and I have a really great reason...I AM JUST STARTING OUT! Just because it seems like forever and a day away for me to be mentioned in someone's top anything, I figured I would share the goodies that I have come across on my journey starting my own company.  Enjoy!