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To Beard or Not to Beard That is the Question!

To Beard or Not to Beard That is the Question!


Beards are everywhere! Now that it is "NoShave" November, you're going to see a lot more!  With all these awesome and majestic beards, comes some pretty awesome and majestic maintenance.  So to beard or not to beard? 

With all the beard products out there, things can get pretty confusing, not to mention a little bit expensive. From beard oils to beard combs, things can start to add up.  So, what is best for you and your beard? 

It's best to start with something simple.  Beard oil is the simplest product to start with when it comes to your majestic beard.  If you still want a "get in and get the heck out" routine in the morning, it is best to keep it short and sweet.  Beard oils condition the beard while giving it a healthy shine.  Some beard oils can also help with the itchiness that is not so awesome or majestic. 

As It Should Be's Cold Brew Beard oil is a good place to start.  Our beard oil is easy to use (glass bottle with a dropper so it doesn't spill out all over the place), helps tame unruly hairs, conditions your beard, great for coarse hair, and is made from coffee beans.  Mmm, nothing like the smell of a cold brew beard in the morning!  

Please, don't stop there! Once you get the courage up and understand your bearded needs and desires, go on an adventure! Just keep it as simple as possible.  Don't gather items because someone tells you may need them. 

If you still a little overwhelmed by the whole bearded product movement, here is a video that can help clear things up!