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The Goddess Who Started It ALL!


Hello Goddesses my name is LaToya Jones! 


I am the owner and founder of As It Should Be.  This business has been a privilege to run and to know we were a part of a Goddess's self-care journey is amazing! However, we didn't start out as a Self-Care company, nope! We started out as an Eco-friendly skincare company that evolved into a self-care company. The first part of my business's evolution stemmed from my birth defect. You see, I was born with Poland Syndrome.

Poland Syndrome is on a spectrum and it can impact anyone.  The person can have missing muscles on their chest and back to webbed fingers and shorter limbs.  I, am missing my Pectoral Major, Pectoral Minor, and different muscles around the scapula. I am very grateful that I have mobility of my right hand and arm. However, my breast did not look at all even! Which was VERY noticeable. 

So, a year ago (from when I am typing this), I went through reconstructive surgery. That surgery made me realize that I had some more work to do on myself.  It was mostly my confidence.  I wondered, how many other women felt like I did about their bodies? How many women struggle with taking care of themselves just because they do not feel good about how they look?  Thus the Earth Goddess Collection was born!  This is to help remind Goddesses that their body is beautiful!


At the time, (surgery and recovery), I was still going through a very rough patch in my life.  I was in a horrid relationship that was filled with abuse.  My mental health was dwindling as well as my business.  One day, I stood up & said NO MORE! I had to do something to help provide and protect the mental and physical health of my family! I needed to start healing! So I kicked the toxicity out of my life and started to do the mental work.  Thus, our new mission was born! I didn't want another Goddess who was being abused to feel as if she couldn't leave due to financial and or self-care reasons! 


My goal is to build a self-care and healing center for Goddesses to feel safe, heal, and be pampered.  This center will be luxurious and welcomes all Goddesses! 

At the center, women would be able to do the following: 

  • Therapy for Domestic Violence
  • Therapy for Sexual Trauma
  • Therapy for other Mental health needs
  • Attend Yoga Classes
  • Attend Meditation Classes
  • Shop As It Should Be's Self-Care goodies
  • And more

I want this center to be a luxurious day retreat that is affordable for all Goddesses.  There shouldn't be any reason that a Goddess can't get the help, self-care, and or the break she so well deserves! 


I want my company to be known for much more than Shea butter! I would like my company to be a part of removing the stigma that is tied to mental health; give a helping hand to Goddesses who thrive with Poland Syndrome; and Advocate against Domestic Violence! 

I want my company to remind all women that they are Goddesses and that they deserve a break! That they are doing a wonderful job as being, mothers, step-mothers, daughters, sisters, co-workers, teachers, wives, girlfriends, aunties, and everything else in between.  They are beautiful, they are desired, they are loved, and their Goddess energy is appreciated!